Zero Point fashion is a small private clothing company based in Tlaa Al Ali, Amman. 

Our aim is to provide everything new of fashion with a competitive price and high quality. 

We also take care of our customers and their comfort by providing them with all the facilities for Buying and selling operations, we understand what you are seeking, and we are able to offer an excellent solution.

Your purchase process is safe and secure and makes you feel as if you are in a face-to- face meeting with the seller, trust is our core value, and we want you to reach a level of trust which makes you feel as if there is a real human behind this screen talking to you.

When we first started working in the field of clothing we had a small store in khalda in the city Amman and with hard work and effort we now have two big branches in both Tla Al Ali and Khalda in the city Amman.

We are always open to new ideas, constantly keeping ahead of the trends whether it is in design, social media or new marketing techniques, and that is our motive of initiating this website which we will through reach to as many categories as possible.

Growing from a team of three to 50 is something I’m really proud of; our team is the core of our business and being able to grow year on year just goes to show what we have achieved.

It is our passion which we feel for our company that has the major impact In our expansion and progress, everyone here shares the same core values as well as an insatiable passion for what they do! Every single person’s contribution is important to us, and we believe in investing in talent at all levels and sharing our successes together.